Vetis - Database Access and Statistics System

With the advanced statistical capabilities provided by Vetis to determine user trends and potentials, institutions can easily analyze the services they provide. They have all the traffic data independent of the content providers.

Vetis, users; It allows users to connect to databases from outside the campus quickly, easily and securely. With a single password, they can easily and securely connect and do their research on/off campus.

 With Vetis, you can analyze data flow traffic independently of database providers.

 Thus, you gain statistical capability independent of content providers. This helps you make accurate decisions in content determination and purchasing processes.

 It helps you see the usage in certain periods and create a content usage map.

 You can see their popularity by extracting the usage rates of each of your resources. Thus, you have real information about the real benefits of the databases you purchase.

 Vetis allows you to analyze people or groups who actively use and benefit from your resources according to their usage amount. Thanks to this, you can easily analyze the efficiency of resource usage and new resource requests.

 Allows you to view data in terms of user and content traffic on a daily basis. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, no records are kept of the keywords people search for.

► It allows you to analyze the most important study topics and search terms that your library users are interested in and make accurate decisions in content procurement processes.

 With Vetis's "Smart Masking System", your personal data is prevented from flowing through library proxies.

 Access with a Single Password... * Access all integrated library management automations without requiring any additional password!

 Enjoy the convenience of accessing information regardless of time and place.

 Vetis automatically makes the necessary connection settings for you to connect to databases.

 It allows you to connect to the system and access databases remotely without requiring any proxy settings.