AXSIS - Academic and Open Access Information System

Why Next Generation Academic Information and Open Access Management System?

► End users requests,
► Access to research results and academician information with a single interface.
► Managers' requests,
► To follow the success of the institution based on academic activities and research outputs,
► Requests of academicians,
► To be able to manage and follow information and work with a user-friendly interface.

Your requests, which ensure the functionality of the system,

► Combining "Academic Information" and "Open Access" systems, Having a flexible system panel that does not require software knowledge, Transferring data from other systems to the system easily,
► The ability of other systems to receive data automatically in PMH-OAI standards, to find an interlocutor in terms of the sustainability of the system,
► Transferring academician information from the Higher Education Institution to the system, easily preparing the reports requested by the Higher Education Institution, Reaching the stakeholders that the academicians work with,
► Having graphic panels to analyze at a glance,
► Graphical display of influence and citation data from systems such as TR Index, Sobiad, Scopus and Google Scholar,
► Easy conversion of repetitive broadcasts to single recording,
► Combining repetitive academic records from writing,
► Editing the labels that change depending on the language change from the panel, obtaining the unique access ID number from the Handle.Net system,