My Mobile Library

This application is the mobile interface of Yordam Library Automation developed by YordamBT in Turkey.

With this application:

► You can simultaneously browse catalogs from the libraries you choose.

► You can view the scan results in list and detail and monitor the status of the broadcasts.

► You can carry out your transactions via your mobile phone in the libraries you are a member of.

► You can view your personal information regarding membership.

► You can access general and personal announcements sent by the library.

► You can view the publications you have borrowed and returned.

► You can also access the history of the publications you returned.

► If you have borrowed books, you can extend their period.

► If you have made a donation to the library, you can list these publications.

► You can see any publication that interests you.

► You can change your language and reminder settings when using the interface.

► You can create a reading list for the books you have read in your library.

► You can reserve any book in your library.

► You can benefit from commenting and sharing features on social media.

► You can receive alerts for borrowed books and other reminders.

► You can make your Table/Room/Chair reservations via the application.

The libraries included in this application are libraries that use YORDAM Library Automation and whose transition to the My Pocket Library system has been completed. New libraries are added to the system.

My Pocket Library is in beta version and the new version has been released to the application markets as of September 15, 2023.

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