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Established its roots in 1999 in Istanbul's Kadıköy, Yordam has gradually risen to a leading position in the library and archive sector over the years. Having undertaken numerous library and archive software projects with its expert team, the company has achieved significant success in this field.

Its customer portfolio includes private, corporate, university, and government institutions both in Turkey and abroad. Currently, Yordam provides services to nearly 1000 customers, addressing and meeting their diverse needs. Yordam offers a wide range of services, from library automation systems to UHF RFID smart library systems, and from library consumables to archive software.

Catalog Scan

* The body is made of impact resistant MDF material, covered with lacquer.* The cabinet, which consists of one piece, provides easy access to all details with its rear locked cover.* YKT-2001 Kiosk is designed to be able to stand without the need for any assembly.* It has a robustness and design that will not be affected by external environmental factors.* Provides functional use with the touch screen keyboard.* Thanks to the developed software, the library can be easily integrated into catalog scanning systems.* With the software used, users can be prevented from entering different sites.* With its integrated printer, it can print shelf routing slips for the desired publication.

Accesible Loan-Return Station

* The system has been produced entirely for use in libraries.* It allows students to make loan/return transactions on their own in the library.* It works fully integrated with library automation and all controls are done through automation.* It has a touch screen and high security, and works with both mifare chip cards and manually entering student number & password.* Books to be borrowed/returned for the transaction are placed on the station.* More than one (up to 5 books) materials can be borrowed/returned at the same time.* At the end of the transactions, optionally, a transaction slip is printed.* It does not need personnel while processing, it is designed to work 24 hours a day.

Uhf-Rfid Security Doors

* Alien ALR-9900 EMA Advanced RFID Reader + 4 Antenna content. - Operating frequency from 865.7 MHz to 867.5 MHz.* Supports EPC Classl GEN2, ISO 18000-6C standards.* Reads all tags in EPC Classl GEN2 standard.* EPC global low-level reader protocol (LLRP) is available.* TCP/IP LAN Ethernet, NTP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP support.* Operates between -20°C and +55°C and maximum 95% humidity.* It can be easily mounted on the floor.* Online database connection or offline operation feature.

Library Promotion Kiosk

* It is used in libraries for promotion and information purposes.* It is a great help in using all kinds of photos, video and audio files and data belonging to the library.* It has a structure that can be integrated with all kinds of news portals and web services.* While showing the time with the digital clock on it, daily weather information can also be displayed.* Poster images can be easily fixed on the screen.* With the management interface integrated into the library software, the display and transition times of the materials to be displayed can be easily adjusted.* The number of items borrowed from the library is displayed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.* Thanks to integration with RFID security doors; The number of people entering and exiting the library can be displayed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.* The number of people in the library can be displayed instantly. The instant usage status of the individual study rooms (karel) in the library are also displayed in detail on the screen.

Sinifix Return Station

* By using the system, the user can return the library materials on them 24/7.* Readers can use the system when the library is closed, and instantly register the return information of the books registered on them to the automation program.* The interface is easy to use and the reader informs and guides the next process with graphic animations.* The book return and sorting system can work with all library automation programs that support SIP2 and NCIP protocols in international standards.* The system gives the reader a notification slip when the process is completed.* The system is in a structure that can take shape according to the area / space to be used in the library.* The system can direct the returned books to the appropriate cabinets in line with the rules determined by the library staff.* The system can be expanded from a one-cabin structure to a thirty-cabin structure.* The system offers a return unit for both indoor and outdoor environments.* The system is in a modular structure and each module gives a visual alarm in case of failure.* The system can perform transactions using a contactless (Mifare/NFC) card so that the user can perform transactions quickly.* At the end of the system, the reader can give an information slip about the transaction.* The system works silently and does not disturb the staff in the library.* Different designs are available in accordance with the library structure.

My Mobile Library

This application is the mobile interface of Yordam Library Automation developed by YordamBT in Turkey.With this application:► You can simultaneously browse catalogs from the libraries you choose.► You can view the scan results in list and detail and monitor the status of the broadcasts.► You can carry out your transactions via your mobile phone in the libraries you are a member of.► You can view your personal information regarding membership.► You can access general and personal announcements sent by the library.► You can view the publications you have borrowed and returned.► You can also access the history of the publications you returned.► If you have borrowed books, you can extend their period.► If you have made a donation to the library, you can list these publications.► You can see any publication that interests you.► You can change your language and reminder settings when using the interface.► You can create a reading list for the books you have read in your library.► You can reserve any book in your library.► You can benefit from commenting and sharing features on social media.► You can receive alerts for borrowed books and other reminders.► You can make your Table/Room/Chair reservations via the application.The libraries included in this application are libraries that use YORDAM Library Automation and whose transition to the My Pocket Library system has been completed. New libraries are added to the system.My Pocket Library is in beta version and the new version has been released to the application markets as of September 15, 2023.Google Play Store: Store:


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